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Past Events

This page highlights a selection of our own events, which can be selected from the submenu. Additionally, team have also provided help and consultancy services to the following:


- The National Museum of Computing*

- Bletchley Park Trust*

- The Centre for Computing History

- Replay Events

- Revival Events


We have also entertained high-profile VIPs from organisations such as the BBC and national media.


*As the organising voluntary team for Vintage Computer Festival GB 2010


"The location couldn’t be more apt, with the event spread nicely throughout the technology museum... Bits of nostalgia were dotted everywhere whisking you back to a day when electronic entertainment was still fresh and exciting..."

GamesYouLoved, Vintage Computer Festival GB and Silicon Dreams 2013

“Synthpop’s still alive and as vibrant as ever, as evidenced by the two bands who performed here tonight."
Electricity Club review, Silicon Dreams 2013
"I couldn't possibly hope to describe the rest of the day other than to say it was a brilliant blur of anecdotes, talks, questions and answers, music, meeting people, chatting, educating and having some fun.."
Retro-GT, Beeb@30
“As #beeb30 wound down and folks drifted away, there was a real sense that we'd had a special day."
RISCOSCode, Beeb@30
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